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Conan the Destroyer: Frequently Asked Questions

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What happened to Subotai?

Gerry Lopez did not return to his role. In his place, Malak was created, though this created more than a few continuity problems: notably, Malak seems to recognize the camel from the incident in Conan the Barbarian, even though he couldn’t possibly do so. Either that, or Conan told him about the time he heroically decked a defenseless dromedary, and Malak suggested the camel they encounter could in fact be the one from Conan’s anecdote.

In the comics, Zula was a man, but in Conan the Destroyer Zula’s a woman.  Why did they give Zula a gender reassignment?

Mostly because the logic went “Zula sounds like a girl’s name.”  Grace Jones was a hot property back in the early 80s. (more to come)

Is Andre the Giant in this?

Yes, the famous wrestler and professional huge person of The Princess Bride fame portrayed Dagoth. If further proof is needed, here is a whimsical photograph of Andre, Chamberlain and Schwarzenegger:

Wasn’t Olivia D’Abo underage when she made this?

Olivia D’Abo was fifteen.  Not that this would be a problem in a pre-industrial society — in fact, thirteen was a perfectly acceptible marriable age in many cultures — but in today’s climate it’s understandably dodgy.

Isn’t it hilarious that they got Wilt Chamberlain to defend a girl’s virginity?

Yes, it was hilarious when it was first pointed out back in 1984.


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