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So who is Robert E. Howard anyway?

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So who is Robert E. Howard anyway?

Robert Ervin Howard was a prolific Texan author who wrote hundreds of short stories and poems in the 1920s and 1930s. Howard wrote in a wide variety of genres, and was accomplished in all of them: westerns, boxing yarns, historical adventures, horrors, detective stories, even science fiction. Today, Howard is most well-known for his Sword-and-Sorcery tales, and is widely recognized as one of the foundations of the modern fantasy genre, alongside Tolkien, Vance, Wolfe and other masters.

What did Howard look like?

There are quite a few pictures of Howard, some of which have recently been newly scanned in higher definition and put online.  Here are a few. This is probably the most famous photograph of Howard, which he did as a favour to his girlfriend Novalyne Price.

Huh, he kinda looks like a tubby little nerd in an Al Capone hat.

Howard was erudite, incredibly knowledgeable and socially awkward in some respects, but make no mistake, Howard was far from the stereotypical nerd.  From a young age, he began building his body up to defend himself against anyone foolish enough to bully him, until he became a fine figure of a man.  He practised boxing, and fought in bouts at a local ice-house.  He enjoyed horse riding, practised sharpshooting with his pistol, walked all over the area to landmarks like Caddo Peak, and kept a high level of general fitness.  If Howard’s a nerd, he’s a nerd who could kick your arse.


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